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November 22 2013

sometimes i come back to soup just to remember

July 20 2013

lets play a game its called: Did This Person Link Their Tumblr and Soup or Are They Actually on Soup
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"Go on, try scrolling all the way down :)" is that a challenge or an invitation you smug little
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July 13 2013

*thinks of soup* *single tear rolls down my face as the camera keeps zooming in*
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July 08 2013

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What could go wrong?

i think it might be time to move on...........the soup's gone cold...............[salutes soup.io]
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June 15 2013

i shout. is anybody here?? my voice echoes back on itself a thousand times before dying out. i fall to my knees. who is going to be in awe of my canon url now
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May 30 2013

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will you really fight with me from now on? will you stay by my side?

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May 27 2013

rip soup. it had a good run

May 26 2013

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Fucking incredible.

I didn’t see this booth I am upset

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May 24 2013

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May 23 2013

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May 22 2013

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school of mutual killing that takes people’s picture as they’re walking through.

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